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G.M. Bertrand Bicycle Fitting

Pedalling is a very repetitive motion. Just think: if you pedal at a rate of 90 pedal stokes per minute for 60 minutes, that’s 5,400 pedal strokes after an hour! If you are riding a bicycle that isn't properly fitted to your body's morphology, you’ll experience pain, discomfort and, worse yet, you could develop and suffer from overuse injuries.

A professional fitting, a must for all bike enthusiasts, is very important. The G.M. Bertrand Bike Shop offers you a fitting free of charge upon the purchase of one of their bicycles.

This service is offered to everyone, regardless of if you purchase a used bicycle or deal with another shop. It is a must for all enthusiasts and may help prevent injuries.

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Why a G.M. Bertrand Fitting?

Because we want to create a perfect symbiosis, a unique interaction if you will, between you and your bike, so that your bike will feel like an extension of your body. You’ll get the most out of cycling and perform up to your potential with peace of mind.

A G.M. Bertrand fitting enables you to ride in total comfort and to make the most of your bicycle in order to prevent injuries and pain. When you buy a bike of any kind, you need a professional and ergonomic fitting.

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The Goal:

A good fitting makes for a smooth ride and enables you to generate power and speed. It also promotes breathing so that oxygen is supplied more efficiently to your muscles and you perform better, while using your muscles as best possible.

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The Anatomy of a G.M. Bertrand Fitting:

Our bike fitting professionals will work with you in order to reach your riding goals, while taking into consideration your skills and limits. Starting with your feet, they work up until you have total body alignment, ending with your hands. They apply physiological and biomechanical principles combined with your athletic and injury history to create the position that’s best for you.

Although there is fitting software, you should know that it has mostly been developed for chain store vendors and is not customized. This software is first and foremost a sales tool that is merely used to confirm bike size.

Since vendors are obviously not trained in ergonomics, fitting software has brought about a bare-bones approach to avoid the complications inherent in this complicated task. There is nothing more difficult than simplifying a complex reality to make it accessible to all.

Our professionals use a customized bike fitting method because all cyclists have an athletic and injury history: lifestyle, riding goals, fitness level, unique body history, flexibility, degree of movement, cycling experience, past injuries, operations and abnormalities that are of concern, and morphological pathologies. All of this information will help to determine the position that’s best for you.

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The Benefits of a G.M. Bertrand Fitting

Since our bike fitting professionals follow ergonomic and biomechanical principles, they are able to adjust your bike by taking account of your measurements (arm and leg length), physical abilities, age, general fitness, tastes and features that make you unique. Your body contacts the bicycle in three areas: feet, seat and hands. If there is an imbalance of the feet, the other points of contact will be affected and you’ll experience arm and shoulder pain. Our fitting system is designed to mitigate these problems.

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