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We are proud to offer our handmade bicycles made 100 % here in Quebec.

The Vélotour model is for cyclists who want performance and total comfort. As far as steel bicycles go, it’s solid, repairable and very lightweight. Designed for touring with a light load or for riding to stay in shape or just for the fun of it.

For many, it’s the only bicycle they’ll ever have!

Dernières ventes / Latest Sales

Latest Bike Sales

658Gros Louis 1.jpg/Images/salesMedia/saleImages/Gros Louis 1.jpg /Images/salesMedia/saleImages/ /Images/salesMedia/saleImages//Images/salesMedia/saleImages/02/28MOUNTAIN - Louis Garneau - Gros Louis 1MOUNTAIN$2,399.00
Grandeur : Medium, LargeSize: Medium, Large
657Gros Louis 2.jpg/Images/salesMedia/saleImages/Gros Louis 2.jpg /Images/salesMedia/saleImages/ /Images/salesMedia/saleImages//Images/salesMedia/saleImages/02/28MOUNTAIN - Louis Garneau - Gros Louis 2MOUNTAIN$1,800.00
Grandeur : Small, MediumSize: Small, Medium
651Asset_405256.png/Images/salesMedia/saleImages/Asset_405256.png /Images/salesMedia/saleImages/ /Images/salesMedia/saleImages//Images/salesMedia/saleImages/11/10HYBRID - 2017 Trek FX 2HYBRID$599.99
Couleur : Noir mat
Grandeur : 25"
Commentaires : Cadre en Aluminium, Shimano Tourney/ Acera
Color: Matte black
Size: 25"
Comments: Aluminum frame, Shimano Tourney/ Acera
6521360001_2017_A_1_Zektor_Three_Stagger_US.jpg/Images/salesMedia/saleImages/1360001_2017_A_1_Zektor_Three_Stagger_US.jpg /Images/salesMedia/saleImages/ /Images/salesMedia/saleImages//Images/salesMedia/saleImages/11/10HYBRID - 2017 Trek Zektor 3 StaggerHYBRID$999.99
Couleur : Noir mat/ aqua
Grandeur : 53 cm
Commentaires : Freins à disque hydrauliques, shimano sora
Color: Matte black/ aqua
Size: 53 cm
Comments: Hydraulic disc brakes, shimano sora
650Escape-1_Color-A_Charcoal.jpg/Images/salesMedia/saleImages/Escape-1_Color-A_Charcoal.jpg /Images/salesMedia/saleImages/ /Images/salesMedia/saleImages//Images/salesMedia/saleImages/11/10HYBRID - 2018 Giant Escape 1HYBRID$799.00
Couleur : Charbon mat/Rouge neon
Grandeur : L
Commentaires : Fourche en carbone, cadre en aluminium, Shimano altus/ alivio
Color: Matt charcoal/Neon Red
Size: L
Comments: Carbon fork, aluminum frame, shimano altus/ alivio



The Bertrand Philosophy
At Cyclo sportif G.M. Bertrand, bicycles have been our passion for generations. With over forty years of experience in bicycle sales, service and repair and in designing the Bertrand custom bicycle, Cyclo-sportif G.M. Bertrand is committed to providing you with a friendly, professional service that caters to your

When you purchase a bicycle at Cyclo sportif G.M. Bertrand, you’re purchasing an adventure rather than a way of getting around town. Our mission is to sell you pleasure and to ensure that you love your cycling experience.checkmark

Maximize your comfort, power and performance by using our professional bicycle fitting service during which one of our specialists will determine the optimal position for your morphology.checkmark

This bicycle fitting service is offered free of charge, whether you purchase a bicycle for pleasure or for racing.checkmark
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