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The titanium Vélotour, which has the same geometry as the Bertrand Vélotour, is ideal for cyclists who place a premium on comfort and light weight. This titanium bicycle handles differently on the road, which makes it stand out from the rest. Feel the difference in the ride as man and machine become one.

Titanium is used because it is very lightweight, exceptionally durable and intrinsically beautiful.

Model Specs:

Tubes : 3/2.5 DB titanium frame

Prices and groupo components
The groupo components that you can choose with your Bertrand Vélotour Ti.
Groupo components Wheelset Seat Pedals Price
Frame Colors

Frame colors are limited to titanium gray for titanium bikes.

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General Information

Frame: Bertrand bicycle frames are hand-built in Montréal by Cycles Marinoni Inc., which has been manufacturing bicycle frames since 1975. Each frame is hand welded and meticulously painted on site.

Parts Sets: There are two parts sets:

  • Shimano 105™ ou Ultegra™ (triple, double or compact);
  • Campagnolo : Veloce™, Centaur™ or Chorus™.

Wheelsets: Bertrand bicycles are equipped with quality wheels that match the selected parts set. Wheels can be upgraded for a supplement.

Seats: Bertrand bicycles come with a $60 to $150 Selle Italia seat, depending on the selected parts set.

Pedals: Our bicycles come with a $60 pair of Shimano pedals with SPD technology.

Bertrand Bicycle Geometry:

  • The head tube (the bicycle’s steering system) is higher than those of other bicycle brands so that the rider sits in a more upright position. As result, the hands support less weight, which means less hand, wrist, arm, shoulder, neck and back pain.
  • The rear triangle (seat stay and base) is long and robust enough to carry heavy loads and provide good riding stability, especially when going downhill. The bicycle’s total wheelbase (distance between the front and rear hubs) is shorter than that of pure touring bicycles. The Bertrand Vélotour touring bicycle strikes the perfect balance of comfort, stability and performance.
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We owe our success to the efforts of all our colleagues. That’s why we invest in career development. Our philosophy is based on respect.

We don’t want to sell you just a bike; we want to sell you a bike that will best suit your needs. That’s why we’ve created the Bertrand “Vélotour”, a unique bike that’s ideal for baby boomers. This mobile masterpiece is the fruit of extensive efforts to find just the right part or accessory to satisfy our customers, even if that meant travelling around the world and attending countless bike shows.

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The Bertrand “Vélotour” - Design without Compromise

The Bertrand “Vélotour” is designed first and foremost to meet the needs of baby boomers, an age group that is often neglected or poorly understood by the bicycle industry because the thinking that cycling is only for the young and racers continues to prevail. When baby boomers shop for a bike, their prime concerns are: “comfort” and “a durable, light-weight bike that is mechanically reliable and easy to use”. They want to be able to climb hills with minimal physical exertion and ride for hours, day after day, without suffering from aches and pains.

It’s not surprising, then, that the Bertrand “Vélotour's” design centres on “easy rides”.

Baby boomers are fit, have free time during which they can train and travel by bike and have the means to purchase a bike that is ideally suited to them. As a rule, bicycles are not designed for long rides; however, when riding a Bertrand bike you’ll easily be able to take part in such cycling events as the “Grand Tour”, organized tours offered by numerous organizations like Vélo Québec or even head off to Europe or any other destination in the world on a carefree trip that does not involve camping. The Bertrand “Vélotour” was designed for comfort on long rides without compromising the ability to climb hills effortlessly.

Géométrie de vélo / Bike Geometry To that end, its geometry incorporates technology that promotes comfort and ease of pedalling. A forerunner, Bertrand is the first company in North America to design a bike specifically for baby boomers. Actually, we’ve been designing and perfecting such bikes for over 25 years. Our bike is surprisingly easy to pedal, as attested by some of our customers: “My Bertrand bike is a dream to ride”. “It’s so easy to ride.” Our bike also features brazed fasteners to which a rear touring rack can be secured.

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Bertrand Bikes are Ideal for Women

We’ve been designing bikes for women some 20 years, and started doing so well before other manufacturers. Nowadays, most manufacturers carry women’s specific design (WSD) bikes. We found several aberrations in WSD bikes, which, we feel, are incomplete.

For example, some are only feminine in colour, while others have a seat designed for women and narrower handlebars that are too long and deep. These bikes are all lacking something in order for them to be called “women’s specific design bikes”.

For starters, the geometry is partially respected. Some bikes have a shorter top tube, but their head tube is too short. A woman's Bertrand bike has the following woman-specific components :

  • Handlebars that are ideally suited for women;
  • A shorter, higher stem;
  • A women’s seat;
  • Feminine colours;
  • A shorter top tube;
  • A geometry in keeping with the Bertrand design;

A Bertrand frame has a slightly rearward sloping seat angle to accommodate a woman’s femurs, which are longer than those of man for the same leg length. As a result, not only will women riders have more power in their legs, but they’ll also be spared the injuries that a poor fit can cause.

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Our Mission
  • 1)   Sell you fun, which brings us back to our passion. We share our experience with our customers to ensure that their outings will be unique and unforgettable. However, to truly experience the joy of cycling, your bike must be adapted to your morphology and meet your needs.
    Hence, we created the Bertrand “Vélotour” for cycling enthusiasts.
  • 2)    See to it that there are more bikes and fewer cars on the road. You can bike at any age because cycling is a non-impact sport.
    Bicycles are green and non-polluting, increase fitness levels and are a quiet way to get around.
  • 3)    Clean up the planet by making customers aware of what we feel is one of Earth’s seven wonders by using clear terms and adequate terminology in both official languages.

Result: Healthier people and less crowded hospitals.

“Biking is all about fun.”
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What Differenciates Bertrand From The Rest?

When it comes to optimal comfort ("Improvements") – especially for the back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands –, the most significant difference between a Bertrand bike and other bikes is the extended head tube that allows the handlebars to be as high as, or higher than, the seat; however, in some instances they may need to be lower than the seat. The top tube must be as short as possible, because mature cyclists are less limber and some of their body parts are more sensitive and that’s when the spectre of cervical or back pain rears its ugly head. As a result, they do not want an aerodynamic position. For lasting cycling pleasure, pathologies must be averted at all cost. The more hunched a cyclist is, the greater the weight borne by the arms and hands and the more painful they become.

An upright torso position, which is synonymous with comfort and less pressure, requires:

  • Front of the frame as high as possible;
  • Shortest possible top tube;
  • Stem raised as much as 35 degrees
  • Ergonomic, sloped handlebars (flat at top and short reach for the hands);
  • Shifters integrated into the brake handles;
  • Raised, ample brake handles;
  • And finally, a professional fitting.
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Test Riding a Bertrand Bike

Words are nice, but a test ride speaks volumes. That’s why we let you try out our Bertrand bikes. Most people who try them can’t get over their exceptional quality. We want to give you a taste of how fun it is to ride a Bertrand bike and to buy one if you are completely sure. There’s no sales pressure. What we offer is unique. And we’re sure that you won’t find the same quality anywhere else.

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History of Metallurgy Cycle GM Bertrand Logo

Aluminium Does not Absorb Road Shocks

When you’re riding your bike for hours on end, every little vibration and all those cracks in the road cause pain to the point where there’s no fun in cycling through countryside. Worse yet, you still have for or five hours of cycling to go the next day. After two weeks, your whole body hurts, which was not at all what you intended. To remedy this, we use chrome-moly or titanium when designing bike frames for baby boomers.

However, if you must go with an aluminium-frame bike, don’t despair because we have tricks to improve your comfort: a carbon fork and seat post, gel inserted beneath the handlebar tape, padded cycling gloves, wider tires to absorb the road’s imperfections and a carbon rear triangle.

Quality Steel Absorbs the Road’s Imperfections

Unlike an aluminium frame, a steel frame is a great shock absorber and can be repaired if damaged (a bike can be damaged during a fall or air transport) and is not fragile.

A steel frame will last five times longer than an aluminium frame.
Carbon Frame

Carbon frames, used primarily for racing and sport bikes, are increasingly popular but are not yet suitable for touring bikes. Since carbon is a poor shock absorber, particularly in the main triangle, it is ill suited for cycle touring.

Nowadays, most bicycles have a carbon seat post and fork. In addition to being lighter because they are made of carbon rather than aluminium, these two parts enhance comfort.

A carbon frame can be comfortable if it does not have oversized tubes. The rear triangle of some frames is made of carbon and glued to the main triangle, which may be made of aluminium, steel or titanium. This makes overly stiff frames more comfortable.

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